Aquarium Maintenance Questions And Answers

Your aquarium can be one of the most relaxing possessions you own, but it is critical for you to take proper care of your aquarium to keep it looking great. For those that are new owners of these devices, this can seem like a confusing or difficult task. After you understand the following couple of questions and answers about routine aquarium questions, you will find you are better prepared to keep your aquarium in good condition. 

How Can You Be Prepared For A Power Outage?

It is an unfortunate fact of life that power outages can destroy your aquarium. When these outages happen, the filtration and aeration systems will fail, which can cause the tank to become toxic to the fish in a matter of hours. While you may assume that there is little you can do to avoid this problem, it is actually possible to install a backup battery system. 

These systems are designed to automatically activate in the event there is a loss of power. This will ensure that your tank continues to function normally until the power is restored. When the electricity is restored, the battery will recharge itself to prepare for the next outage. 

What Can Be Done To Battle Algae Issues?

Algae is a constant concern for aquarium owners, but there are many people that may not fully understand what is needed to address this type of damage. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to drastically reduce the ability of algae to grow in your tank. One low maintenance option is to put algae-eating fish in your tank. There are many varieties of these fish, and you will need to speak with an aquarium specialist to know which type will be the most compatible with your current fish.

If your tank is currently experiencing a major algae problem, you can address this by using hydrogen peroxide to sanitize the tank. To do this, you will need to remove all of the fish and plants from the tank before scrubbing as much of the algae out of the tank as possible. Once you have done this, you will add hydrogen peroxide to the tank to kill any algae that was missed during this cleaning. After a couple of days, you can drain and refill the tank to make it ready for your fish to be returned to it. 

Keeping your aquarium in good condition and be a confusing task for new owners. B having an appreciation of the importance of a backup battery for your filtration systems and how to combat algae, you will likely find this task to be far easier. For more advice, speak with professionals like Congressional Aquarium.

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