Tips For Getting The Sod Lawn You Can Be Proud Of

Repairing a lawn that has several bald spots is easy when you use sod. Obtaining the lawn that is luscious and green right is a lot easier when you use sod. However, taking the best care of sod is essential for you to have the most beautiful results using it in your landscape. Check out these tips for helping you get the most out of your time and efforts laying down sod.

Choosing The Grass Varieties Best For Your Area

In order for your lawn to be its best, choosing a type of grass that is known to grow well in your area is important. One way to ensure you get a native variety is by visiting a local nursery instead of ordering your sod offline or from catalogs. In this way, you can discuss your lawn care with a grower that more than likely has experience with the type of grass and sod you are taking home to put down.

Early Care Is Worthwhile

The time you will need to invest in caring for sod after it is down is more so than it will be once it grabs hold and starts growing. You will need to water it the mornings and afternoons until it is established and its roots have taken firm hold in the topsoil. However, while you will need to water and give a lot of attention to sod in the first few weeks of its placement, you should know it is still a lot easier and less time consuming than getting grass to start and grow from seed. One great benefit of choosing sod is you can put it on slopes because it will not wash away or get blown away by wind like seed.

Where Did The Weeds Go?

When you sow grass seed, it can be frustrating to see weeds begin to come up with the new blades of grass. Trying to eradicate weeds in new grass can be tricky because you risk destroying the new grass. With sod, you have little weed growth to deal with, giving you a time-saving advantage over sowing grass seed. Having fewer weeds to deal with also means you do not have to use weed killer, a definite benefit if you want to avoid poisonous chemicals on the lawn where your children and pets will be playing.

Laying down sod on your lawn can be the best way to get the lawn you have in mind faster and without issues like weeds and seed washing. Discuss with your local nursery about the sod you can use in your yard and plan ahead before you put it down. Set aside an entire day for planting sod and be sure to get started as early in the day as possible to ensure you get the job done. Planning ahead to avoid your sod's root structure from becoming compromised and dried out is best.

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